-Fish Production
-Nation Building

The Young Fishers Global Network has chosen among other things to inculcate tolerance, perseverance, simplicity, creativity and diligence in the Nigerian young citizens. As a new initiative that is set to consolidate new trend in the life of Nigeria adolescents. Young Fishers Global Network participants will acquire genuine sense of independence, especially with a wider option to sustain adult life and its inherent socio-economic challenges.
By means of trainings, workshops and participant involved production, we will infuse our expertise into the participants and they will see the procedures involved in the production of fish through culture. This will instil in them an appreciation of hard work and the benefit that results from it.
The young ones will be cultured to face reality of life through these stages of the subject matter. The cankerworm of making it at all cost will be reduced drastically. Teenagers are usually anxious about life, but the onus is on us to guide them right to the pathway that will save our society and their future from woes. Our vision for the little generation is what new and what next to keep pace with global modernization.