Young Fishers Global Network is an initiative put together by Mr. Farinto Peter Adewale and a host of others that are actively into aquaculture in Nigeria in 2006 and was endorsed by Corporate Affairs Commission. The aim is to educate while increasing supply of protein through aquaculture. It was born out of the desire to groom the teeming youths in 54 African Countries on the importance of hard work and the good results of diligent efforts when put into use. This was why we registered the NGO with UN Global Compact in New York. We are taking advantage of resources available to a chosen locality and harnessing it to achieve optimum results.
It is driven and motivated by an anecdote that says “a child left unbuilt will plunder the wealth you built” As it is with organizations like the young farmers club, red cross, boys brigade etc., Young Fishers Global Network objectives aims at cultivating confident leaders of tomorrow. Young Fishers Global Network initiative avails itself to the collaboration and cooperation of related institutions, organizations and individuals home and abroad. You are welcome.
The initiative is to inculcate fisheries/aquaculture into the young ones. The subject matter will affect society positively, because the procedure is a gradual process before produce can be consumed by society. Adopting this gradual and individual involvement approach will inculcate the spirit of growing into greatness and not jumping into greatness. This can be achieved with this “catch them young” approach.
Another objective is to train youngsters to appreciate aquaculture as a means of livelihood and therefore a very viable career option.
Thirdly getting so much people involved in aquaculture will increase the country’s protein supply and reduce the dependence on capture fisheries in which supply is not guaranteed.
Why this initiative?
We intend to furnish our future leaders with the required skills that will help them fend for themselves and contribute towards economic development.
We want to present aquaculture as a lucrative and viable career option for our youngsters, most of whom prefer the white collar jobs.
We want to give children a sense of belonging in the society as they will feel fulfilled when they contribute their own quota to protein supply.
We want to instil in the participants the culture of hard work, thereby guarding them against rich-quick schemes and fraudulent practices.
It is our utmost desire that if this initiative is encouraged, not only will the nation be built, our children will not be left out.