The Young Fishers Global Network will empower the teeming population of youths by means of trainings, workshops, seminars and excursions on the principles and practices of aquaculture. participants will also be given Practical experience in the following areas:

-Fish farm management

-Fish breeding

-Pond Construction


-Processing and packaging



The commodity in question is a message of its own, to the young ones. The process of realizing proceed of the venture is gradual. It will be in stages. Fry-larval, fingerlings, post fingerlings, juveniles, advanced juveniles, grow out-table size which is the last stage for human consumption. It has been identified that the process of fish care from the fry stage through fingerlings, juveniles and eventual table size, is full of orientation that will impart dignity of labour, pride in ones creativity, accountability and patience in the life of the Nigerian upcoming ones.

YFGN members would have scaled through this hurdle of anxiety, lack of direction and dependant tendencies which are almost a hallmark for our young ones today. Young Fishers Global Network via its articulated programmes can help grow a generation of responsible citizens for the development of our beloved country Nigeria. Young fishers’ global network implores you to subscribe to this “catch them young initiative”

The projects will be located in chosen schools.
The projects will be run by both YFGN and the school, which will be spacious and reputable schools. The participating schools will be supplied with the following:

  • Borehole water
  • Electric generator
  • Construction of two (2) 4square meter concrete tanks.
  • Fish feed
  • Publicity of the project and participating schools via television, radio, internet and newspapers.

The network will be affiliated and partner with organizations abroad.

YFGN will organize lectures once in a month at various schools.